Testing with antigen self-tests is required for participation in HAI and HoH workshops. Before the workshop and at arrival.


Connecting in Love – Workshop 1
The miracle of love is the core of all workshops and offers a safe and supportive atmosphere where joy, pleasure and the ability to allow intimacy are fostered. In a playful, loving and supportive manner we show you paths which allow love, intimacy and sexuality to be integrated in our daily lives. Like all HAI workshops, Level 1 consists of a series of experimental exercises in pairs, small and larger groups which aim to practice communication, choice and touch. Your personal choice of whether and how to participate in an exercise is always respected, as we understand all exercises as invitations.


Loving Yourself – Workshop 2
Loving yourself offers an opportunity to lovingly embrace our body and our gender (sex/gender identity). Negative judgements turn into loving self-acceptance. This liberates us to experience and enjoy love and sexuality more deeply.


Loving your Choices – Workshop 3
Living with the freedom of choice; why are we doing something or not? A lot of the decisions we make today are directly influenced by past experiences. Learn to recognise your own power and discover the freedom to make healthy and loving choices for yourself.


Sexuality and Spirituality – Workshop 4
The integration of sexuality and spirituality: “Sex is dirty and spirituality is for hippies” – the realms of sex and spirituality are full of prejudice, judgements and shame originating from our birth families and upbringing. However, in order to connect heart and soul to another human being we need to accept our own sexuality and be mindful and present in the moment. This allows sexuality and spirituality to unite.


The Dance between Control and Surrender – Workshop 5
The dance between control and surrender; we determine the quality of our life through the quality of our thoughts. Be it our personal history, adverse life experiences or daily conflict with our partner, we always have the opportunity to meet challenges that we can’t control in a loving and healing way. This allows us to actively co-create the life our heart desires.


Creating Community – Workshop 6
Creating community; How can I achieve for myself what I desire and at the same time support others to achieve what they long for? What is needed to create community – or a world – where humans live together in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, honesty and love?


Being Love – Workshop 7
To be a source of love; building on and deepening the previous levels, we ask what would happen if we made the decision to choose love in all situations and at all times? Could it be up to me to decide whether I want to be a victim or whether I embrace that I have the power to consciously create my life and experiences?


Sacred Energy Exchange – Workshop 8
We understand sexuality as exchange of sacred energy. When we open to this energy we connect to the beauty, the power and the miracle of our own sexuality. This path is different for all of us but often it opens up playfulness, improves self-confidence, and allows up to move into even deeper connection with ourselves and with those we love. Explore the range of male and female energy, giving and receiving, and practice asking honestly for what you really desire.


Radical Intimacy – Creating Vibrant Connections – Workshop 9
Radical intimacy; how will my relationships change if I fearlessly and authentically show up through my emotions, my sexuality and my spirituality? How would it be if we dared to dive as deep as possible in all our relationships? We would open to another level of connection, awareness and self-acceptance.


From Workshop 1 up until 5 the workshops build on each other and need to be taken in order – if you want to attend more workshops sfter a “Connecting in Love” Workshop. After Workshop 5 you are free to attend workshops in any order.


Hand on Heart Couples Workshop – Falling in Love, Again and Again and Again

In addition to the HAI workshops the Hand on Heart team has created a special couples workshop. You have a whole weekend to dedicate gently and lovingly to yourself and your partner. Look for the announcement in News and for the flyer download.


HAI Taster workshops
This is a mini format for all who are curious and would like to get a first taste of HAI. These mini workshops are scheduled according to regional demand and are organised by the local community. Please have a look in the News section or enquire via contact.


HAI Community Weekends
Twice a year we organise weekends where previous participants meet and co-create a fun weekend together. Prerequisite for attendance is that you have completed a “Connecting in Love” workshop.