HAI is open to humans of all convictions and religions. The common goal is to meet others as well as ourselves with love, reverence, respect and honesty.

HAI is suitable for anyone who is curious about themselves and about meeting others. You are equally welcome as singles or couples of any age and of all sexual orientations. Moreover, it is not important whether you live in a relationship or whether you feel happy or unhappy at the moment. All aspects of life, questions and moods have room here.
• You have never attended a workshop and are simply curious?
• You are interested in getting to know yourself as well as new people?
• You are in a relationship and want to work with your partner on giving more room to your love?
• You want to work on yourself and your relationship without involving your partner?
• You are single and interested in having more love and intimacy in your life, independent of whether you have a partner or not?
• You are professionally interested; e.g., as a therapist?

Previous knowledge and experience do not matter. Playful and practical exercises are modelled on daily life situations and give each of us the possibility to try out new approaches – for more awareness, self-knowledge and with plenty of fun for each and every one of us.

In HAI workshops, everyone can decide to become more open AND at the same time mindful of their own boundaries. This realisation that it is possible to remain true to yourself thanks to a variety of choices often constitutes a first step towards healing potentially deep emotional trauma.
The workshops can support you in building new friendships, deepening existing committed relationships, feeling comfortable in your own body and enjoying your own sexuality more – no matter what your age is.
The workshop is accessible to all. Participants with any health or physical restrictions are most welcome. We kindly ask you to notify us of your needs during the registration process.
The HAI workshops in Germany are truly international. This is perceived as very enriching by the participants. We are especially happy that so many attendants find their way here from the nearby Netherlands.
The workshops are conducted in English and German, with translation from one language into the other so that everyone can understand all that is said. Everything is translated simultaneously.