A HAI workshop offers exercises that are normally done in pairs or in small groups.
These exercises are meant as invitations; each and every participant decides at all times whether they want to join in or not and how deeply they want to immerse themselves into an exercise. We don’t know what is right and appropriate at each moment for you personally but we want to support you to find out for yourself.

The exercises are designed with the aim of supporting all participants to find their individual path and to gain clarity about your own position, behaviour, needs and wishes.
• Why do I make a certain decision?
• Is this the right choice for me or is there an alternative?
• Am I fully behind my choice?
• Would I prefer something different?
• Am I honest with myself and with others?
• Am I voicing a clear YES or NO when I feel it?

The exercises are usually very straightforward and come from real life situations. Their focus is on the quality of each individual’s decision making. Are my decisions serving me?

An integral part of the exercises and of the whole workshop is the opportunity to share your experiences before and during the workshop. This is an invitation to show up and be seen as our authentic selves. An opportunity to be more honest than we would normally dare in our daily lives. HAI offers communication techniques that are closely related to those of Non-violent-communication and are based on active listening and responsible sharing of opinions.
Most exercises also include the invitation to share mindful touch. These are not massages and are not sexually motivated but simply gentle, respectful and sensitive human exchanges, such as a hug.

Although one of the workshop themes is one’s relationship to sexuality the workshops do NOT offer instructions in sexual practices – it is all about awareness, mindfulness and honesty. The aim is to share information and knowledge about sexuality as opposed to prejudice and shame. The relevance of this can be seen in the media; German television currently features several shows on sexuality and sex therapy.

It’s not possible to describe the details of all exercises you will encounter, and that wouldn’t be useful. If you want to know more just call the office and we’ll explain exactly  what is going to happen. Alternatively, visit a 3 hour long HAI taster workshop, they take place in various regions. These mini workshops will give you a very good idea of the kind of exercises you will encounter in a workshop, and of the general HAI approach.

But: in real life we don’t know what we are about to encounter and we still have to cope with the situation in any given moment. The very point is to look at one’s own conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns and to evaluate in the safe space of the workshops which of these patterns serve us and which don’t.