What do participants say about their experiences in HAI workshops?

S. (EN translated)

Even though it was a real challenge for me at times, what I experienced for myself was an incredible asset. As a gay man I have learned that I can truly be at peace with my body, that I can be vulnerable in my sexuality and that I experience a lot of love for women.

Pauline (EN translated)

HAI showed us how to share love with each other, our kids and friends. This is a new and sometimes challenging dimension in our relationship. And it is so much fun too! It is the best sustainable gift that you can give yourself and your partner as well.


I finally understood that I can experience incredible closeness without having to be sexual. I could hardly imagine something like that before.

Fred (EN translated)

Perhaps the most liberating workshops I have ever attended. An extremely loving, dynamic and profound way to experience inner growth. I actually feel more intimate with people on an everyday level. I agree you are all masters and I honor you.

Anke (EN translated)

I am sure that you can only find the way to your own pleasure through love for yourself – exactly as you are. And that’s exactly what HAI has encouraged me and so many others to do.

Jürgen (EN translated)

My wife and I speak much more openly and lovingly with each other. We found out what was missing in our relationship and support each other to the best of our ability! That makes me incredibly good.


It felt to me as if I had found the only place in the world where I could develop an idea of truly healthy relationships. Some deep wounds are starting to heal, and I am slowly letting go of old feelings of shame.

Jörg (EN translated)

Hey, not only does it work, but it’s also incredibly fun!